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Our Mission

M.O.R.R.E. Institute provides a Means of Redeeming and Revolutionizing Education for students of all ages.  Established in 2019, M.O.R.R.E. Institute is recognized by the Texas Office of the Secretary of State as a Domestic Nonprofit Organization.  

This organization fosters entrepreneurial and educational innovation through utilization of curricula in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), as well as vocational training, professional development, mental health, and collegiate preparatory studies.

The organization's objectives are five-fold:

  1. To prepare students for life, careers and/or entrepreneurial objectives. 

  2. To provide opportunities for students and educators to meet the needs of their respective communities.

  3. To provide facilities with equipment, and other resources to dually prepare students. 

  4. To provide instruction and Professional Development Units (PDU's) for educators

  5. To sponsor, host, and/or participate in events and activities that promote individual and community development.

  "After seeing the unmet needs in urban communities, Derrick Beach decided that he needed to do more.  "We share the responsibility to ensure that by the time a child graduates from high school, he or she should be ready to fully engage in the growth and development of their community and society as a whole. Our students should be mentally healthy, financially literate, and prepared to succeed." 

- Derrick "Rashad" Beach

"Not everyone is fortunate enough to come from a two parent, two income home, having parents with college degrees.  In inner cities, this is not the norm. We have teenage single parents, children with learning challenges, and families with mom or dad working two and three jobs.  Parents may not be able to educate their children at home. High Schools have deemed many of these students as dysfunctional or slow learners.  In actuality, they just need to be taught differently."

- Angela Tsunami Frederick


Our Team


Derrick Rashad Beach

Executive Director/Founder

Derrick Beach achieved a Master of Arts degree in Humanities from the University of Houston - Clear Lake, a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science degree in Public Administration and Business from Stephen F. Austin State University, and his Associate in Science degree from Trinity Valley Community College.

Derrick's career path has taken him from Welding and Manufacturing, to education as an Adjunct Professor, to Mental Health Advocacy, and several small business ventures along the way. 

The idea for The M.O.R.R.E. Institute came about through a collaborative effort with Angela Bowen to enhance and make a difference in education and career training.

With that said the goal of M.O.R.R.E. Institute is to provide students with the skills and training needed to enhance their lives, thus enabling them to make a difference in their respective communities.


Angela Frederick Bowen

Creative Director/Co-Founder

Angela (Tsunami) Frederick-Bowen is the owner of NetworkedIt and NetworkedIt RI, LLC, in Houston, Texas. Companies designed for small business networking and real estate investing. With a background in leadership, civil law and computer management, this native New Orleanian, created a present day paradigm, in which entrepreneurs, startups and seasoned business owners could connect and build.

Tsunami is also known as the think-ship behind #IWDHTX Festival and Founder of Women to Watch International (both created to honor women all over the globe). The Women to Watch, Intl. Awards continues to honor outstanding women for their innovation and remarkable achievements in various industries. 

Now, as Co-Founder/Creative Director of The M.O.R.R.E. Institute, she is able to share her fundamentals of leadership and provide inner city youth and young adults with the tools to succeed in business ownership and leadership.  Knowing that timing is everything, we must act expeditiously to reverse the financial plight of our lower income students.  Derrick said one thing that stood out above any other solution I’d seen or heard before. “We must give them 'exposure' and give them relevant education and training, if we want them to succeed." -D.B. 

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